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About SMG

Our Mission

Impetus for a strong Swiss economy that is at the forefront of global competition. For entrepreneurs and leaders.

Impetus through encounters, exchange and discourse

SMG's orientation can be summarized in three success factors: independent - on an equal footing - inspiring. SMG makes a clear claim to exclusivity and practices a restrictive admission procedure. It differs from professional, industry and business associations, from socially and ethically oriented entrepreneurial clubs and from organizations with a university background through its cross-industry focus on best practice and leadership excellence, is exclusively committed to immaterial goals and is politically and denominationally neutral.


Impulses for a strong Swiss economy that is at the forefront of global competition.


Learning from each other through mutual exchange. Interdisciplinary and at eye level.


Creating access to companies and personalities who stand for best practice, leadership excellence and creative thinking.


Entrepreneurs, company owners, board members and C-level executives who deal with strategic and operational issues and want to advance their companies sustainably.

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Your Benefits:
  • Over 1000 business leaders
  • Inspiration 
  • Best Practice


Further informations


Our statutes

In the basic rules of the SMG you will find all relevant information about the membership, the organs, the means used, as well as the administration of our organization.

Our statutes


Annual General Meeting

The General Assembly of Members is the supreme body of the association and takes place annually in the first half of the year.

You can find the minutes of the last AGM in the members' area under "Documents".

Principles of conduct in competition matters

In the course of SMG events, care is taken to ensure that no information relevant to competition law is exchanged and that no business decisions are made.

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