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SMG's rules of conduct regarding competition

Schweizerische Management Gesellschaft (SMG) is a contact and continuing education platform that aims to promote tried-and-tested and new findings in corporate management in order to facilitate progress in the fields of business, science, administration and society. 

The term SMG encompasses the members of the Executive Board, the SMG members and the employees of the SMG office.

Because of the SMG's focus, no competition-relevant information is exchanged at meetings, events and encounters of the SMG, in particular information on competitors' prices, customers, production, strategies and other competition-sensitive information that is not publicly accessible.

Under competition law, companies are obligated to make their business decisions independent of their competitors. The SMG's activities may not be used to prevent, distort or in any other manner affect competition in contravention of the law.
Although the risk that competition law may be breached through the SMG's activities is considered to be marginal, the SMG wants to avoid its activities engendering conduct that is prohibited under competition law. 

The SMG makes sure that all the parties involved are familiar with these rules of conduct.

The members of the Executive Board, the SMG members and their representatives and the employees of the SMG office are responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules of conduct.

Adopted by the General Meeting on 24 March 2015