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Innovationsstandort Schweiz. Auch im Management?

Bank Vontobel
Leadership Meetings

Mittwoch, 6. April 2016
16.30-20.00, Zürich

Innovationsstandort Schweiz. Auch im Management?

Menschliche Errungenschaften überleben sich. Peter Drucker warnte: „We know that theories, values, and all the artefacts of human minds and human hands do age and rigidify, becoming obsolete, becoming afflictions“. 
Management bildet keine Ausnahme. Traditionelles Management verliert an Wirkung, wird gar zum Hindernis. Mehr Tempo, Agilität und Menschlichkeit sind gefragt um in einer komplexen, sich immer schneller verändernden Welt bestehen zu können.
Die Schweiz gilt als hervorragender Innovationsstandort. Auch im Management? In Partnerschaft mit dem Global Peter Drucker Forum stellen wir genau diese Frage. Mit hochrangigen, in- und ausländischen Vertretern aus Wissenschaft und Praxis diskutieren wir Ansätze für neues, zeitgemässes Management. Diese Veranstaltung wird in englischer Sprache durchgeführt. Entsprechend finden Sie im folgenden auch das Detailprogramm in Englisch.



Rediscovering entrepreneurial management to innovate in the 21st century

Switzerland’s success as an economy and as a society is largely a consequence of innovation and entrepreneurship across both the public and private sector. Global giants, strong SMEs and vibrant ventures are as much proof of this as are Switzerland’s top educational institutions and a political environment that’s still very business friendly. No surprise Switzerland regularly occupies the top spots in global studies of innovation and competitiveness.

This kind of success is not possible without solid, good management of our institutions. But the world in which they operate is rapidly and fundamentally changing. The traditional management toolset for planning, strategising, organising and executing is losing its relevance. An ever more complex, interdependent and fast-moving world requires more speed, flexibility, agility and resilience. Changing demographics will require people to stay in the workforce longer while at the same time a new generation of future leaders brings totally new mindsets and values to the workplace. Peter Drucker observed : “We know that theories, values, and all the artefacts of human minds and human hands do age and rigidify, becoming obsolete, becoming ‘afflictions’”. This is also true for management. Traditional management is on the brink of becoming an “affliction” for many organisations, getting in the way of effectively addressing today’s challenges. Management is in need of a renewal.

Established organisations who have become rigid and unattractive for young talent need to rediscover their “entrepreneurial competence” ( Drucker ) while new ventures need to develop professional management much faster than before in order to be able to scale their operations and win in a global market. Drucker calls this “entrepreneurial management”, a discipline which “scales and grows innovation successfully and continuously renews organisations and institutions”. Economies which succeed in embedding entrepreneurial thinking and action in business and society, will enjoy significant competitive advantages and a prosperous future. Drucker envisions an “entrepreneurial society” of which “entrepreneurial management” is of course a major building block. But for this, we need to rediscover entrepreneurial management and make it work in 21st century organisations. If Switzerland is such a great place for innovation, can it also renew management itself, the engine of our organisations and the technology of human accomplishment? Can it afford not to if it wants to remain among the world’s most innovative and competitive economies? These are exactly the questions we’ll be discussing with our distinguished panel of thinkers and innovators from business and academia. We’ll challenge assumptions behind traditional management as practised in most organisations today and discover fresh, unconventional and highly successful ways of managing differently – from Switzerland and beyond.

Key questions to address :
– Why is management, as practised widely today, becoming obsolete?
– What if established businesses rediscovered their entrepreneurial competence?
– How can new ventures scale up much quicker and without becoming rigid themselves?
– How can organisations be attractive for young talent while at the same time using the expertise experience and wisdom of older generations in an ageing society?
– How can entrepreneurial management lead the way back to innovation and growth for our economies?
– Which are the leadership and management practices that will make a difference in the 21st century?




Participants arrive at Bank Vontobel, Gotthardstrasse 43 in Zurich 



Welcome, Dr. Zeno Staub, SMG Board, CEO Vontobel 


Perspectives and panel discussion 

Perspectives & Panel
–  Tamara J. Erickson, Executive Fellow London Business School, CEO Tammy Erickson Associates 
–  Prof. Vlatka Hlupic, Professor of Business and Management, University of Westminster
–  Prof. Johan Roos, Chief Strategy Of cer Hult International Business School
–  Hermann Arnold, Co-Founder, Chairman, Encourager at Haufe-umantis AG
 Hans-Martin Graf, Head of Data, MIS & Analytics, Credit Suisse 

Moderator Dr. Patricia Seemann, Principal, 3am Group 



Outlook to Global Peter Drucker Forum, Dr. Angelica Kohlmann,
Chair Global Peter Drucker Forum Advisory Board, CEO Kohlmann & Co AG, niece of Peter Drucker

Closing and invitation to “Apéro riche”, Dr. Zeno Staub 



Global Peter Drucker Forum
The annual Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna has quickly become the world’s premier management conference. Held for the rst time in 2009 on the occasion of Peter Drucker’s 100th birthday, it has experienced steady growth in quality and relevance ever since. Leading management thinkers and practitioners from around the globe, inspired by Peter Drucker’s ideas and humanistic values, convene in Vienna to challenge each other to ask better questions and develop fresh insights and perspectives. All with the common goal of improving the practice of management as an essential function of society. The 2016 conference will be held 17–18 November in Vienna. This year’s conference theme is “The Entrepreneurial Society–Moving beyond a Society of Employees”. Learn more at


Dr. Zeno Staub

Dr. Zeno Staub, SMG Board, CEO Vontobel. Dr. Zeno Staub is Chief Executive Officer at Vontobel Group. Having joined Vontobel in 2001 he went on to serve as its Chief Financial Officer until 2006. Prior to his current position he was Dr Head of Asset Management and Head of Investment Banking. He started his career as a founding shareholder and managing partner of Almafin AG, working in consulting and software development with a focus on risk management, asset & liability management and legal reporting. He then moved to BZ Informatik AG (now avaloq) in 2000 as a member of the Executive Board. Zeno Staub studied economics at the University of St. Gallen, receiving his PH.D. in 1997.

Tamara J. Erickson

Tamara J. Erickson, Executive Fellow London Business School, Founder & CEO Tammy Erickson Associates. Tammy is a McKinsey Award-winning author and widely respected expert on collaboration, innovation, the changing workforce, and the nature of work in intelligent organisations. She has twice been named one of the 50 most influential management thinkers in the world by Thinkers50. Tammy has written a trilogy of books on how different generations excel in today’s workplace and is working on a fourth book for the generation under 17 today. She has authored numerous Harvard Business Review articles and served on the Board of two Fortune 500 companies. Her firm is dedicated to helping clients build intelligent organisations.

Prof. Vlatka Hlupic

Prof. Vlatka Hlupic, Professor of Business and Management, University of Westminster. Vlatka is an international award-winning thought leader, management consultant and an author of a ground-breaking book “The Management Shift” which was listed by Forbes as one of the top eight business books in 2014. Besides her work at the University of Westminster, she is a former Adjunct Faculty at London Business School, a consultant and Visiting Faculty for Said Business School, and a global faculty member of FT / IE Corporate Learning Alliance. She is also a founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Management Shift Ltd and the Drucker Society London. She was voted one of the Most Influential International HR Thinkers 2015 by HR Magazine.

Prof. Johan Roos

Prof. Johan Roos, Professor & Chief Strategy Officer, Hult International Business School. Johan joined Hult International Business School as Chief Strategy Officer in January 2016, bringing with him a strong background in international academic leadership, scholarship and entrepre- neurship. He has worked in six business schools, including the IMD in Lausanne, and a non-pro t organisation, in ve countries. Among many other things, he co-invented LEGO Serious Play as a consulting tool, which was acquired by LEGO. Johan is a member of the steering committee of the Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna. 

Prof. Johan Roos

Hermann Arnold, Co-Founder, Chairman, Encourager at Haufe-umantis AG. Haufe-umantis AG is a provider of software and expertise in talent management and “operating systems” for organisations. Hermann led the business as CEO from university start-up to successful player with hundreds of corporate customers, millions of users and 100 team members. In 2013, he suggested the team elects Marc Stoffel to succeed him in the CEO position, as he thought him to be a better fit for the next phase. He continued to work for his successor for a year before assuming his current responsibilities. He’s devoting himself to specific questions of good people management and the impact of the Internet on management in both research and practice. 

Prof. Johan Roos

Hans-Martin Graf, Head of Data, MIS & Analytics, Credit Suisse. After initial stints in management consulting, Hans Martin joined Zurich Financial Services in 1992. He was instrumental in the establishment and implementation of the Group’s strategic planning framework and later took on country CEO positions in Asia. After leading Corporate Development at Unaxis (today OC Oerlikon) for ve years, he joined Credit Suisse in 2006. He built and launched the bank’s development and innovation center on the campus of the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne and – for the last three years – was responsible for Digital Capabilities and Solutions in the Private Bank.

Dr. Angelica Kohlmann

Dr. Angelica Kohlmann, Chair Global Peter Drucker Forum Advisory Board, CEO Kohlmann & Co AG, niece of Peter Drucker. Angelica heads the family holding Kohlmann & Co, which invests in technology start-ups and holds equity in companies in Europe and America. Angelica also co-invests with renowned funds internationally. She serves in several boards and is Chairman Advisory Board Peter Drucker Society Europe. With broad experience in the elds of biotech and tech start-ups, Angelica always reached out to new challenges and co-founded three companies. Angelica was born and raised in Brazil, lived in various countries and is fluent in six languages. She holds a PH.D in Medicine from Hamburg University. 

Dr. Patricia Seemann Dr. Patricia Seemann, CEO, 3am Group. As a former surgeon and senior executive, Patricia has worked for the last 20 years helping CEOs of global corpora- tions address the problems that keep them awake at 3am. She has served on the senior management team of global corporations supporting major business transformations. She is CEO of the 3am Group, a global CEO practice that provides counsel on some of the most intractable issues that CEOs face. Patricia lives in Switzerland from where she works with clients around the world. 

Registration and fee

Registration and fee
The number of participants is limited. Registrations will be considered in the order in which they are received and in consideration of sector representation.

Fee per person CHF 255.—.

A confirmation of registration and invoice will follow. Kindly take note that registrations are binding. A representative from the company management may attend if the original registrant is unable to attend at short notice. We are obliged to invoice in the event of cancellations without a stand-in and no-shows.

Please note that photographs taken by our photographer will be displayed in SMG publications and on the SMG website. We should also like to point out that selected representatives from the media may also attend this event. 

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