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Make. Proof. Innovate.

Make. Proof. Innovate.

28. Jun 2023
ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, Winterthur

ZHAW is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Switzerland and comprises eight departments: School of Engineering, School of Management and Law, Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering, Health, Life Sciences and Facility Management, Applied Linguistics, Applied Psychology and Social Work. More than 14 000 students are educated at three locations in 33 Bachelor's and 20 Master's degree programmes. On the initiative of the Institute of Product Development and Production Technologies and the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Proof of Concept Lab (PoC Lab) was launched in 2021. A collaborative innovation and maker space where companies, start-ups, university institutes and students jointly develop new business models, product innovations and innovation methods.


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Arrival of the participants for the Best Practice Meeting at the ZHAW


Welcome by Christian Wohlgensinger, Member of the Board SMG

Presentation by Prof. Dr. Dirk Wilhelm, Director ZHAW School of Engineering: "The ZHAW School of Engineering".

Presentation by Prof. Dr. Helmut Grabner, Lecturer and responsible for Entrepreneurship, ZHAW School of Engineering: "From business idea to start-up company - Entrepreneurship at the ZHAW School of Engineering".


Start-ups from the ZHAW introduce themselves, followed by a Q&A session:

Raphael Schnyder and Sebastian Brunner from PATON: "Smart call system for patients in hospitals".

Mirco Egloff from loopi: "With a stroller subscription to the circular economy".

Corina Epprecht from ClearData: "Services around data".


Presentation by Prof. Dr. Adrian W. Müller, Professor of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, ZHAW School of Management and Law: "The ZHAW Proof of Concept Lab".


Guided tour of the Institute of Product Development and Production Technologies IPP:

– Additive Manufacturing

– Circular Economy / Sustainability

– Functional pattern / Product Development


Summary and outlook by Christian Wohlgensinger

The ZHAW invites you to an apéro.

Optional tour of the Proof of Concept Lab


End of the event


Dirk Wilhelm, Director, ZHAW School of Engineering. Dirk Wilhelm has been Director of the ZHAW School of Engineering since 2019. He holds a master's degree in physics from the University of Göttingen and a doctorate in mechanical engineering from ETH Zurich. After completing his doctorate, he worked as an engineer at Alstom Power Systems in the gas turbine development department. He then moved to the biomedical company Bruker BioSpin, where he headed a development department. Dirk Wilhelm is Chairman of the Innovation Program of the Digital Initiative of the Canton of Zurich (DIZH) and a member of the MINT Initiative of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences.


Helmut Grabner, Lecturer and responsible for Entrepreneurship, ZHAW School of Engineering. Helmut Grabner is Professor of Data Analysis and Machine Learning at the ZHAW School of Engineering. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Graz University of Technology and has more than 15 years of experience in machine learning and computer vision. He worked at ETH Zurich, co-founded a start-up and led the Computer Vision and Machine Learning division in Logitech's CTO Office before joining ZHAW. He is particularly interested in innovation and translating methods from cutting-edge research into products.


Raphael Schnyder, Co-Founder, PATON. After an apprenticeship as a civil engineering draftsman and an extended period of civilian service in a Zurich hospital, Raphael Schnyder was drawn to the ZHAW in 2019, where he studied industrial engineering. With the knowledge he gained during his studies and the experience he gained at the hospital, he and two fellow students founded the start-up PATON in 2021, which is developing a new type of patient call system for hospitals. As "Head Patoneer", he performs the tasks of the management at PATON and received the "Entrepreneurial Fellowship" of the ZHAW School of Engineering in 2022. He is also pursuing a master's degree in actuarial mathematics at the University of Basel.


Sebastian Brunner, Software Architect, PATON. After his apprenticeship as an application developer in the trading department of a leading Zurich bank, Sebastian Brunner moved to consulting, where he developed software for the financial sector. Since last year, he has been leading a team of developers from Switzerland and Spain as a senior developer. In 2019, he started his part-time studies in computer science at the ZHAW School of Engineering and joined PATON in 2022, where he is responsible for the technical development and software architecture of the product.


Mirco Egloff, Founder and CEO, loopi. Mirco Egloff completed his Bachelor's degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering at the ZHAW School of Engineering in 2018. He then completed a Master of Science in Engineering with a specialization in Energy and Environment. In addition, he worked as a technology scout at ewz Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich. In his master's thesis, he worked on a closed-loop concept for baby carriages, which gave rise to the idea for his start-up loopi, which he founded in 2019 and heads as CEO.


Corina Epprecht, Co-Founder and CEO, ClearData. Corina Epprecht studied industrial engineering at the ZHAW School of Engineering from 2013 to 2016, specializing in industrial engineering. Five years later, she founded ClearData GmbH with two fellow students Roberto Barbieri and Alexander Illi. The company specializes in data-related services such as analysis, data preparation and data-driven marketing. The focus is on sustainable solutions and the empowerment of clients. In addition to her work as CEO, Corina Epprecht is currently completing a master's degree in "Innovation and Future Research".


Adrian W. Müller, Professor of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, ZHAW School of Management and Law. Adrian W. Müller is Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the ZHAW School of Management and Law and former Head of the ZHAW Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. He is co-founder of various regional and national start-up support programs, such as Start-up Campus Switzerland or the ZHAW Runway Start-up Incubation Program. In addition to his research and teaching activities in the field of Entrepreneurial / Business Innovation, Adrian Müller accompanies executives, teams and companies in tasks of strategic innovation and organizational transformation. He is a lecturer for innovation at the ETH and an accredited coach (International Coaching Federation).


Christian Wohlgensinger, Member of the Board SMG, Consultant Egon Zehnder. Christian Wohlgensinger heads the Swiss Technology and Digital Practice at Egon Zehnder. Before joining Egon Zehnder, he worked for Google as Head of Retail Partnerships in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and before that as Head of Cloud Partnerships in Northern Europe. Prior to that, he was a member of Microsoft's Swiss Executive Board, responsible for SME, Partner Ecosystem and ERP/CRM. He started his career as co-founder of the start-ups Semantum Software GmbH and Constrax Portal AG (today Olmero). Christian Wohlgensinger holds a Master of Arts in Business Administration and an Executive Master of European and International Business Law from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

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Proof of Concept Lab
Lagerplatz 24
8400 Winterthur

Schweizerische Management Gesellschaft
Zeltweg 48, 8032 Zürich,
Phone + 41 44 202 23 25

Proof of Concept Lab
Lagerplatz 24
8400 Winterthur

Arrival by public transport
By train to Winterthur main station. On foot approx. 10 minutes walk. The Proof of Concept Lab of the ZHAW is located on the Sulzerareal in the heart of the city of Winterthur, just a few minutes from the train station.

Arriving by car
Leave the highway at the exit Winterthur Töss. After 2 km you will see the Migrol gas station on your left. At this level, turn right into Jägerstrasse. At the end of Jägerstrasse, which is only about 200 m long, you will already come across the storage yard.

Parking possibilities
The Proof of Concept Lab does not have its own parking spaces. If you arrive by car, you will find a parking space in one of the surrounding parking garages: parking garage Halle 53 (caution: may be closed due to events), parking garage Kesselhaus, parking garage Technopark, parking garage Lockwerk.

Routen-Planer: So finden Sie uns.

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